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Welcome to my website Budget Laptop Reviews

My name is Justin, and I am digital nomad who has traveled and lived abroad all across the globe. I am a firm believer in creating a passive income lifestyle while working remotely from any location in the world.

Working remotely requires the use of a quality laptop, I am a huge of a handful of high performance laptops. There are many different machines, different purposes, and different price points.

Our goal is to educate you in these areas.


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Digital nomads can travel anywhere in the world and conduct business as usual with the use of technology. It is common to see these types of people working remotely in differently locations around the globe.

A laptop with a solid internet connection is vitally important to be productive with this lifestyle.

In the past, I studied economics at the University of Washington and received a bachelor’s degree in business. Shortly after I became a CPA and practiced for over 15 years before I decided to live out my dream of a digital nomad.  I enjoy building online business, acquiring real estate, and placing trades in the stock market.

Entrepreneurship and teaching how to create a passive income lifestyle is a passion of mine.

Providing quality insight on the tools of the trade go hand in hand with this concept.


My father was a traveler, as a result, I was brought on trips all over the world. His influence has benefited me in many ways.

My travels have taken me across beautiful lands, forced me to cross paths with highly interesting people, and allowed me to taste the best cuisines. Life is short, however, I am a firm believer that it should be lived with freedom to travel. Thus, the only missing piece is the financing to obtain this lifestyle.

This type of freedom can only be found through the creation process.

I love to think independently and challenge the norm. The way I can challenge the norm and create credibility is through education of the mind, perfecting the process with practice, and then executing with precision in real time.

The model I have created has allowed me to generate passive income from any location on the globe. Combined with a strong passion to provide insight and feedback on quality tools of the trade, Budget Laptop Reviews was developed.


Budget Laptop Reviews was developed for the purpose of providing quality information and education to buyers and followers of high performance laptops.

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To your passive income lifestyle,

Justin Ash, Founder/ Member

Digital Investor

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